Are You A Vegan? Here’s How You Should Choose Your Clothes

Veganism is a lifestyle choice that is made when someone’s conscience doesn’t allow being a reason behind the exploitation of animals. They love to do their bit to protect animals by avoiding animal products. The exercise starts by having vegan food and then it can go to the extent of avoiding the cosmetics, clothing, and also the household items that contain animal products.

There was a time when the animal lovers who took veganism seriously had to confine themselves to hemp tunics and boring brown sandals, but not anymore. Today there are shops that have ample of stylish vegan clothing options to choose from.

It’s easy to spot some fabrics that are animal-based like leather, fur, wool, silk etc., but some products are little harder to spot. You really need to go through the labels cautiously to find them. Here’s how you can shop for your vegan clothing.

  1. Instead of leather products that use animal skin and hides, go for imitated ones. They look almost the same, are easy on maintenance than the pure leather products and cost not even a fraction of what the original leather product will cost.
  2. Silk is produced by silkworms, but people often boil these worms alive to extract extra amounts of silk. The vegans should, therefore, buy vegan tank tops made of fabrics that resemble silk like polyester, rayon, silk-cotton tree filaments etc.
  3. Animal feathers are used to fill in the clothes to keep one warm during the winter season. These feathers are plucked from animals mercilessly and thus vegans stay away from such stuff. They go for stuff that has either synthetic down or polyester fill in it.
  4. Many animals like sheep, goats, rabbits and camels generate wool, but often they are raised in harsh conditions and sheared brutally for their hair. Thus, vegans stay away from all woollen products, but to keep themselves warm they can go for alternate materials like cotton flannel, polyester fleece, synthetic wool etc.
  5. To ensure that your purchase is 100% vegan, PETA has issued few tips, which you should go through.
  6. Even if you are going for synthetic wool knits, there can be a small percentage of wool in it. Similarly, faux leather products like shoes can have a real leather insole. Hence, to ensure that you don’t buy anything that has any percentage of animal products in it, you need to go through the labels attentively and should know the meaning of symbols depicted on it.

Today many mainstream brands have started keeping a whole range of vegan tanks, trousers shoes, and accessories. Buying vegan clothes is no more difficult or boring. All you need to do is find the right place.

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